A Makes Learning and Teaching Baseball Simple, Natural and Fun




What started as a novice hitting aid is now a beloved PE game ball that plays like a mash-up of baseball, football, and badminton.


HOW IT WORKS:   The shuttle tail orients behind the ball during flight creating significant wind drag.  This unique flying motion creates the illusion of watching an arrow dart through the sky.  The enhanced visual feedback makes it easy to track the flight trajectory for quicker reaction times on defense or at the plate.  Another important benefit of the tail is that it virtually eliminates all roll.  This keeps the action fast-paced since you’re not wasting time chasing a forever rolling ball.  But the real beauty of this new ball innovation is the extended hang-time.  This changes how baseball is played by putting offense and defense in a near perfect balance, leveling the playing field between novices and experts.  Take a couple of Shuttle Baseballs to the park for an afternoon of HR derby.  Hit it with your favorite bat (plastic, metal, or wood).  Use it in a modified game of tag for an exciting change of pace.  Great outdoor toy for camping trips or family play day at the beach.  Flies up to 180ft.

IT’S PLAY BALL NOT THINK BALL:   Baseball is a game meant to be played, not analyzed.  Unfortunately, the emphasis on winning has changed the spirit of the game from being loosely played to being a game not meant to be lost.  At Shuttle Baseball, our mission is to create a world free of “paralysis by analysis” syndrome by bringing the game of baseball back to its original roots – when teams pitched to themselves.  For a quick demonstration of what we mean, try out a variation of HR Derby we call Stratosphere.  Challenge your friends/classmates to see who is the top slugger in your group and to learn a little math, science, and baseball knowledge in the process.  For a fun and unique approach to teaching baseball, checkout our Shuttle Baseball Activity Guide.  For a quick and easy game for kids of all ages and abilities, we recommend Shuttle Football – a twist on the game of Ultimate Frisbee that you won’t soon forget.