Shuttle Baseball is a fun and rewarding way for PE teachers to safely introduce the game of baseball to their students.


HOW TO PITCH: Pitching is super easy. Just imagine you’re throwing a mini-football. The tighter the spiral, the straighter it flies and the easier it is to control.  Warm-up with a round of toss-n-catch to loosen the muscles and to get a feel for how it flies. When pitching to novice batters, lightly grasp the tail using your thumb and forefinger and soft toss it “horseshoes” style.  Gradually increase pitch speed/distance as the batter improves. Just remember to emphasize making contact at first – the power will come in time.

MAJOR LEAGUE POSSIBILITIES: Shuttle Baseball has all the fun of baseball and more.  It plays faster, has more offense, and has more highlight-reel action than you might expect. The feeling of hitting a baseball on the sweet spot of your bat is an unmistakable thrill that all kids should experience at least once in life. Shuttle Baseballs have a maximum flight of 180 feet, enough pop to simulate the feeling of a major league at-bat.  Best of all, it plays fast on any surface, including asphalt (it doesn’t roll), and can be enjoyed year-round, rain or shine.  It can even be played indoors “off-the-wall” style in the school gym.

OTHER WAYS TO PLAY: Shuttle Baseball is a highly versatile game ball for sports of all types.  It’s great for a quick game of Stratosphere - our brand of the backyard HR derby kids are sure to enjoy. Use as Shuttle Baseball in place of the traditional egg and spoon for silly yet very memorable relay races at your next summer/church camp (balance it on your head and go).   That it doesn’t roll makes it the perfect game ball for modified tag – a game we call Monkeyball.  Plays like a cross between Pickle and Dodge-ball. Great cardio with loads of fun to be had.  For groups of ten or more, we suggest playing a game of Shuttle Football.  Similar to Ultimate Frisbee but with shorter throws, more scoring opportunities, and amazing barehanded catches on the run.

Click on hyperlinks to download official rules and field set-up diagrams.