RECREATIONAL BASEBALL IGNITED: Shuttle Baseball is a patented toy ball that is lighting up the PE universe. The arrow-like tail has two key benefits: visual feedback and speed modification. The wind drag reduces maximum pitch speed by about 25%; the visual feedback helps you track the trajectory of the ball. This completely transforms the pitcher-batter duel in a way that favors hitting over striking out. Once batted, the ball will remain airborne 25% longer. The extra hang time helps outfielders track down deep fly balls, putting offense and defense in a near perfect balance. Teachers and students absolutely love this game. Ages 8+

HOW TO THROW & HIT: Throw them like you would a football. The tighter the spiral, the straighter they fly. They have 10x the mass of a hollow plastic ball, so they won’t ruin your throwing arm. Feel the difference in weight with every throw, hit, and catch. The hybrid foam rubber design makes this ball virtually indestructible. So bust out your favorite wood or metal game bat and prepare to launch these critters a massive 180 feet sky high.

OTHER WAYS TO PLAY: For a quick pickup game, try Stratosphere – our version of the backyard HR derby. If you enjoy Dodgeball, you’ll love Monkeyball. It’s non-stop fun that’s ideal for restricted play areas (click here). For larger groups on bigger play fields, give Shuttle Football a try. Think Ultimate Frisbee with more passing and scoring opportunities.