A A More Rewarding Way to Experience Beginning Baseball Play




CAPTION: Shuttle Baseball simplifies the learning process and makes practice fun and rewarding for all, especially kids.


HOW IT WORKS:   The shuttle tail naturally follows behind the ball in flight, creating wind drag and intuitive visual feedback.  Easily track the ball through the entire arc of flight for quicker anticipation on defense and faster pitch recognition at the plate.  Another secret benefit of the tail is that it virtually eliminates all roll.  This makes for a faster-paced and more lively play experience that will get your heart pumping in more ways than one.  The Shuttle Baseball’s added hang-time puts offense and defense in a near perfect balance in a way that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  Best of all, Shuttle Baseball is the most inexpensive (no mitts needed) and most versatile (individual, small-sided, or team-based play) product that offers a highly realistic brand of baseball fun that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.  Safe for indoor play in the school gym or outdoors on the grass/asphalt playground.  Soft, all-weather polyurethane ball measuring 2.9″ in diameter and weighing 3oz. Maximum flight distance – 180ft.

IT’S PLAY BALL NOT THINK BALL:   Baseball is a game meant to be played, not analyzed.  Unfortunately, the emphasis on winning has changed the spirit of the game from being loosely played to being a game not meant to be lost.  At Shuttle Baseball, our mission is to create a world free of “paralysis by analysis” syndrome by bringing the game of baseball back to its original roots – when teams pitched to themselves.  For a quick demonstration of what we mean, try out a variation of HR Derby we call Stratosphere.  Challenge your friends/classmates to see who is the top slugger in your group and to learn a little math, science, and baseball knowledge in the process.  For a fun and unique approach to teaching baseball, checkout our Shuttle Baseball Activity Guide.  It’s a three-week lesson plan developed with the help of several of the most profound minds in baseball and physical education instruction, made simple enough for novices yet challenging enough for advanced athletes.  It’s filled with a variety of practice drills and games to keep your students motivated and inspired to learn more day after day.