Shuttle Baseball is a fun and rewarding way for teachers to introduce their students to the game of baseball.


HOW TO PLAY: Shuttle Baseball is made of soft, foam rubber so young kids aren’t afraid of being hit by one. Pitching strikes is super easy to learn. Just use a spiral rotation and a normal throwing mechanic. The tail will orient behind the ball during flight, creating aerodynamic drag. This results in a 25% speed reduction and increases the hang time of a batted ball. Novices will develop better timing and anticipation in all phases of the game.  Download our PE Teachers Guide for more drills/game ideas. For beginners/novice players age 6+

GREAT OUTDOOR FAMILY FUN: Shuttle Baseball is a wholesome and safe activity that encourages kids to enjoy active outdoor play. Enjoy a fun-filled day of recreation with family and friends in a game of Stratosphere. The objective of the game is hitting, not striking out (“whiffing”). Throw batting practice pitches over the middle of the plate, belt high. Enjoy the look on everyone’s face as you watch these lil’ guys get launched into orbit. Great for kids of all ages

OTHER WAYS TO PLAY: The Shuttle Baseball is a versatile toy ball that packs easily for an energetic day at the beach or local park. Great also for church/youth sports camps, family outings, and company picnics. For groups of ten or more, give Shuttle Football a try. Plays similar to Ultimate (Frisbee), but at a faster pace. For an extremely fun and harmless twist on the game of tag, try a round of Monkeyball. Click on hyperlinks to download official rules and field set-up diagrams. MSRP only $5.99/ball.