_ “All the Fun of Baseball…and More!”



What began as a training aid is now a beloved game ball that plays like a mash-up of baseball, football, and badminton.


GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: Shuttle Baseballs move 25% slower due to the increased wind drag created by the shuttle tail.  The tail orients behind ball during flight making it easy to visualize the flight arc.  A flying Shuttle Baseball resembles an arrow darting through the air.  This visual feedback helps novices track and predict the location of the ball more easily.  This accelerates their understanding of a ball’s movement patterns – a critical element in the early stages of learning any ball sport.  Another key benefit of the tail is that, unlike a traditional round ball, this ball has virtually no roll.  This keeps the action fast-paced since you’re not chasing a forever rolling ground ball.  The shuttle tail also creates extended hang time and slows the rate it falls, encouraging vigorous effort in the outfield.  Recommended for ages 6 and up

AMAZING FOR ADVANCED: Shuttle Baseball is a one-of-a-kind toy baseball.  It’s the world’s first toy baseball with a tail.  The unique aerodynamics of this flying projectile allows you to throw a wide assortment of totally new pitch types such as the “Gyro”, the “Dolphin”, the “Torpedo”, and the “K-Nuck” – just to name a few.   Just find a safe play area and set up a quick game of Stratosphere.  Prepare to send these lil’ fellas on a towering 180ft ride through the big blue sky.  Another fun game that can be played with this totally cool new flying toy is Shuttle Football – an amazingly fun 7-on-7 team activity you and your friends won’t soon forget.  Shuttle Baseball makes a great toy for camping trips, a day at the beach, and for backyard family fun. Custom mascot balls and boom stick not yet available