The Shuttle Baseball is a modified game ball that provides a safe and fun way to introduce the sport of baseball to novices. 

HOW IT WORKS: Shuttle Baseballs are soft and fly slow due to the wind drag created by the tail. The added wind drag reduces their speed by about 25% compared to an ordinary ball thrown with the same effort. This simplifies batting because slower moving objects are easier to track and hit. Once batted, their slower rate of descent makes playing defense easier by allowing more time to chase down a long fly ball.

HOW TO THROW: A shuttleball is best thrown using a spiral rotation. Just imagine throwing a mini-football. The tail will naturally follow behind the ball, slowing it down in the process. Hit a shuttleball as you would any other toy baseball. They have more mass and feel much better than hitting a hollow plastic ball. Choose your favorite big barrel bat and prepare to launch these lil’ critters 150ft high into orbit!

OTHER WAYS OF PLAY: For an intense, high-energy burning activity, play a game of Monkeyball. It’s a toss-n-catch style game that will get your heart pumping in more ways than one. We also recommend a game of Shuttle Football. It’s simple to learn and full of fast-paced action. Think Ultimate Frisbee, but with more scoring and amazing one-handed catches on the run.