Shuttle Baseball is an exciting recreational ball that combines the best of baseball, football, and badminton.


LEARNING TOOL: The Shuttle Baseball was originally developed to make baseball practice more exciting and beneficial for kids.  The shuttle ball is made of soft foam rubber, so it doesn’t hurt if you get hit by one. Eliminating the fear factor helps kids learn core baseball skills and team strategy in a fun and natural way. Pitching a shuttle ball is easy. Just hold it like a mini-football and throw it with a spiral rotation. The shuttle tail creates wind drag, causing pitches to move 25% slower and batted balls to hang 25% longer in the air. Great for building confidence at the plate and in the outfield. Download our PE Teachers Guide for more. Ideal for Grades 7-12

PLAY TOY: Shuttle Baseball has all the excitement of Wiffle ball…and more. The foam rubber is heavier and more dense than a hollow plastic ball. This makes it feel better to hit and catch. The added weight also make them fly farther, adding to the thrills when playing on a larger field. Best of all, shuttle balls have virtually no roll, keeping the action lively and fast-paced. Throw never-before-seen trick pitches: the Torpedo – a spinning fastball with a late dive; the Gyro - a hypnotic corkscrew pitch for getting batters to chase; the Dolphin, a tease pitch that literally “swims” through the air; and the Ka’Nuck, a filthy knuckle ball with unpredictable movement. Great for ages 6+

PREPARE FOR LIFTOFF: Get ready for Stratosphere - an ultra-competitive version of backyard HR derby. Launch towering shots that rocket a whopping 180 ft. up, nearly twice the height of a hollow plastic ball. After a few rounds of Stratosphere, put your QB and WR talents on display in a game of Shuttle Football – an enhanced version of Ultimate Frisbee. For a fast and furious calorie burning activity, try Monkeyball – a cross between Dodgeball and Pickle that is sure to get your hearts-pumpin’ in more ways than one.  Great after school activity.  See links for official rules and field diagrams. MSRP $5.99/ball.