Shuttle Baseball is a brand new ball toy that combines the best of baseball, football, and badminton.


EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS: Shuttle Baseball makes learning baseball simple, safe, and fun.  It’s made of soft foam rubber, so it doesn’t hurt. Pitching one is super easy. Just throw it like a small football with a rocket tail.  The tighter the spiral, the straighter it flies.   Since it flies 25% slower, it makes hitting easier for beginners.  Once batted, it has longer hang time.  This creates better balance between offense and defense.  Download our PE Teachers Guide for more game ideas. Ages 6+

OUTDOOR FAMILY FUN: Shuttle Baseball is a fun and faster-paced twist on backyard baseball.  They fly farther than your average hollow plastic toy ball.  It’s great for a big league style game at the local park.  And you don’t need mitts, so it’s affordable and easy to setup for a quick ball game.  Great for play on the school black top – it doesn’t roll endlessly like a round ball.  Throw new trick pitches like the Torpedo, the Gyro, the Dolphin, and our favorite, the lame duck Ka’Nuck. Great for ages 6+

MANY WAYS TO PLAY: If you’re looking for quick 10-minute pick up and play style of outdoor fun with 180ft HR blasts, try Stratosphere.  If football is more to your liking, play a game of Shuttle Football – a faster version of Ultimate Frisbee. For a wild and crazy after school activity that is sure to burn loads of calories, try Monkeyball. It plays like a mashup of Dodgeball and Pickle.  Get ready for the sweat to pour!  See links for official rules and field diagrams. MSRP $5.99/ball.