A Learning and Teaching Baseball Play Has Never Been Easier!

(adapted learning for all ages and ability levels)



CAPTION:  America’s most exciting recreational baseball game is based on a patented new toy ball first invented in a garage in Northern California.


The “NUTS”:  Shuttle Baseball was originally developed to make learning the sport of baseball simple, safe, and fun for anyone…anywhere (indoors or out).  Kids all across the country from grades K-12 have fallen in love with this truly innovative educational tool.  Based on the tremendous response we’ve received from the educational community, we decided it’s time to bring Shuttle Baseball to the masses.  Not only is this game simple and fun, it’s guaranteed to get your heart pumpin’ in more ways than one!  So put down your laptop, turn off the iPad, and get outside and play.   Find out why Shuttle Baseball has become the hottest physical education activity in America today.

The “BOLTS”:  Shuttle Baseball has revolutionized the way the sport of baseball can be taught and learned.  The secret lies in the tail.  It naturally orients behind the ball during flight.  This creates wind drag, making it move 25% slower and stay in the air 25% longer.  And better yet, the tail keeps the ball from rolling, keeping the action moving at a frenetic pace.  Shuttle Baseball offers a realistic baseball-like play experience with a near perfect balance of offensive and defensive intensity.  Whether you are a spectator or player, get ready to experience first-hand the thrill of watching a towering HR soar up to 180ft through the air (more than twice as far as a hollow, plastic baseball), matched only by the beauty of a diving barehanded catch on the run.  BUY NOW

HOW TO PLAY: Download our Shuttle Baseball Activity Guide – a three week lesson plan developed especially for PE teachers.  It contains helpful practice drills and fun activities that will help you meet core NASPE standards such as motor skills, movement patterns, and positive social interaction through a variety of fun games like Stratosphere – a hybrid of HR Derby and Three Flies Up.