Shuttle Baseball is an exciting recreational activity that combines the best of baseball, football, and cricket.


TEACHING BASEBALL: Shuttle Baseball was originally developed as a training aid.  PE teachers have been using it as a safe and fun way to introduce the sport of baseball to a whole new audience of kids.  Hold it like a mini-football and throw with spiral rotation.  The ball is made of soft foam rubber, so it doesn’t hurt if you get hit by one.  The tail creates wind drag causing pitched balls to move 25% slower and batted balls to hang in the air 25% longer.  Students will learn a realistic version of traditional baseball in a fun and natural way.  Shuttle Baseball has an optimal balance between offense and defense with a perfect blend of simplified learning and fast-paced action.  Please download our PE Class Activity Guide to learn more.  Grades 7-12

BACKYARD BASEBALL: Shuttle Baseball offers a refreshing twist on the game of recreational baseball.  It’s perfect for today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Pitched or batted balls have virtually no roll.  This puts all the attention where it matters most – the pitcher/batter showdown.   Throw trick pitches like never before:  the Torpedo – a spinning fastball with a late dive; the Gyro - a hypnotic pitch with a corkscrew trajectory; the Dolphin, a pitch that literally swims through the air; and the K’Nuck, a knuckle ball with unpredictable movement.  Shuttle balls are twice as heavy as a hollow plastic ball, so they fly twice as far – a whopping 180 feet.   Ages 6+

PREPARE FOR LIFTOFF: Welcome to the Stratosphere - a backyard HR Derby game that’s an absolute blast to play.  Fire up the rocket ship, and let the bats fly.  The unique point scoring system helps crown the official champion.  But records are meant to be broken, so you’ll need to defend your title to remain the HR King.  For a fun twist on the game of Ultimate Frisbee, try Shuttle Football, a great toss-n-catch activity that will get your heart pumping in more ways than one. MSRP $5.99/ball.