POINT-N-SHOOT SIMPLICITY » The Shuttle Baseball is a brand new training concept that makes learning easy and fun. Place the device atop the batting tee with the tail pointed on a line drive flight path (see blue arrow below). Simply instruct the batter to launch the ball along the same trajectory as the tail is pointed. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

HOW IT WORKThe shuttle tail creates aerodynamic drag causing the ball to react differently based on how well it was struck. If hit perfectly square, the tail will flip and reverse direction immediately. If the barrel rolls over the top, the tail will be driven straight into the ground. If hit severely underneath, the tail will topple and the ball will have an erratic flight path.

“DUELING TEES” MINI-GAME» Position two batting tees in such a way that batted balls will gather nearby the opposing tee (the balls don’t roll). This speeds up the pace of this practice station and provides a visual target to get hitters focusing on driving the ball to a specific location. Depending on your players’ age/skill level, position the dueling tees between 60-120′ apart.

“TARGET PRACTICE” MINI-GAME » Batting Shuttle Baseballs into a distant hitting net is a fun game to play at home with friends and family. The yellow foam ball is rugged, yet soft enough not to damage windows or other valuable property. And unlike a round ball, this ball has virtually no roll making for faster retrieval and prolonged practice sessions.