PRACTICE, PLAY, & LEARN» The Shuttle Baseball is a revolutionary new hitting aid that helps kids develop optimal swing mechanics through simple and engaging play. Tee up the Shuttle Baseball on a slightly upward angle to mimic a line drive flight path (see blue arrow below). Challenge the batter to launch the ball exactly where the tail is pointed. Kids will quickly adapt their swing patterns in order to make the device go where intended, gaining good barrel control and body awareness in the process.  Ages 8+

HOW IT WORKS» Depending on how well or poorly the ball is hit, the tail will show you instantly what you did right or wrong. If the ball is hit perfectly square and on plane, the Shuttle Baseball will immediately reverse direction and fly off the tee on a line drive trajectory. If the batter does not make solid contact, the tail will have an erratic rotation and the ball won’t travel very far. This instant visual feedback helps coaches and kids get on the same page and communicate more effectively. Kids look forward to this hitting station because they can easily see how much progress they are making. Most of all, they appreciate the fact it makes practice feel more like play than work.