A More Hangtime + More Frequent Hits = Baseball Nirvana




CAPTION: What began as a training aid  for tee ball kids has since become the most popular PE baseball activity in America.


HOW IT WORKS:  The shuttle tail creates wind drag which makes Shuttle Baseballs fly about 25% slower.  The tail also eliminates 99% of the roll of a traditional round ball.  This keeps the action moving at a fast pace with more frequent at-bats and more balls put in play.  And although pitches are easier to hit, a batted ball will stay airborne much longer (about 5 seconds on a 180ft blast).  This entirely changes how the game is played since most batted balls are now easily reached before landing.  That does not mean every batted ball will be caught.  One must develop good hand-eye coordination to successfully make a barehanded catch.  With offense and defense in a near perfect balance, a skilled batter must quickly learn to adjust their swing to find a strategic gap in the defense.  And that’s as real as baseball gets.

PLAY BALL: For a quick and fun hitting challenge, play a game of Stratosphere – a variation of HR Derby.  Challenge your friends for Shuttle Baseball slugging supremacy.  For our PE teacher friends, download our free Shuttle Baseball Activity Guide.  It’s a three-week lesson plan simple enough for novices yet challenging enough to keep the interest of your more advanced athletes.  For days when the gym is crowded with kids, Shuttle Baseballs can be used to play a fun and twisted game of Dodge-ball.  If you’re lucky enough to have the entire gym to yourself, invite your kids to play a game of Off-the-Wall Baseball.  Great for cold or rainy days.  BUY NOW