TAKING YOUTH BASEBALL TO THE NEXT LEVEL » Shuttle Baseballs turn young athletes into better baseball players by making it easier to teach the concept of being on plane at the point of contact. Use the tail as a visual to show the desired trajectory the ball should leave the bat, commonly referred to as the launch angle. Coaches appreciate this “point-n-shoot” method of instruction because proper swing path is a complicated idea to explain with words alone, even to grown-ups. Kids appreciate how the device transforms batting tee work into a challenging targeting game. Makes practice simple and fun. Ages 8+

LEARN TO SWING LIKE THE PROS  » There’s no cheating this training device. If you don’t hit it solid off the tee, the tail will have an ugly rotation and the ball won’t fly very far. This negative visual feedback forces you to adapt your swing patterns until you figure out how to make it flip and dart away on a straight line (see blue arrow below). You’ll know instantly if you hit it correctly. This trial-and-error technique creates good muscle memory and develops confidence as you learn what the tool is actually teaching you to do. Maximum Flight 120ft