_ Simplifies Learning for Quick & Easy Play



What began as a training aid is now a beloved game ball that plays like a mash-up of baseball, football, and badminton.


HOW IT WORKS Shuttle Baseballs move 25% slower due to the increased wind drag created by the shuttle tail.  The tail orients behind ball during flight making it easy to visualize the flight arc.  A flying Shuttle Baseball resembles an arrow darting through the air.  This visual feedback helps novices track and predict the location of the ball more easily.  This accelerates their understanding of a ball’s movement patterns – a critical element in the early stages of learning any ball sport.  Another key benefit of the tail is that, unlike a traditional round ball, this ball has virtually no roll.  This keeps the action fast-paced since you’re not chasing a forever rolling ground ball.  The shuttle tail also creates extended hang time and slows the rate it falls, encouraging vigorous effort in the outfield.  Recommended for ages 5-12

PLAY BALL! Shuttle Baseball is on a mission to take today’s youth on an amazing journey – to the local park.  We think any form of outdoor play is more rewarding than any video game.  We invite you to try a quick game of Stratosphere.  Just find a safe play area and prepare to launch these lil’ fellas up to 180ft through the air.  If throwing long 40yd bombs and making highlight reel catches is your thing, put down the Madden game disc and try a game of Shuttle Football – an amazingly fun 7-on-7 team activity you and your friends won’t soon forget.  Shuttle Baseball makes a great toy for camping trips, a day at the beach, and for backyard family fun. Custom bat and more products coming soon!