Fun Hitting Aid for Ages 8+

Shuttle baseballs make batting tee work a fun and stimulating challenge for today’s kids. The tail looks like a tracer darting across the sky. This instant visual feedback helps young batters gain a better understanding of how their swing relates to the batted ball. Great training tool for at-home use (solo or with a teammate) to supplement hitting lessons. Soft, durable, and safe for outdoor use or in the cages.

Facilitates Learning Exchange

Many believe the baseball swing is one of the hardest skills to teach in all of sports. Shuttle baseballs help young batters develop optimal swing mechanics in ways never before imagined. Both coach and athlete can watch the shuttle’s flight pattern and quickly diagnose what fix is needed. This type of collaborative learning helps young hitters progress faster, leading to improved self-confidence come game time.

Dr. Michael Wright, Ph.D: Health & Human Performance (Sport Pedagogy)

Kelly Jackson, All-American Softball Inc. (seven-time USA Softball All-American)