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A A New Way to Play America’s Favorite Pastime




CAPTION: America’s newest  and hottest toy baseball/game was first played in this California middle school gymnasium.


HOW IT WORKS:  The turbulent wind drag created by the tail makes a thrown ball move 25% slower and a batted ball hang in the air 25% longer.  This makes hitting and catching easier for novices, and allows advanced players to be more creative with their hit placement.  The shuttle tail also limits the ball’s roll distance for faster retrieval, less dull moments, and more frequent turns at-bat.

HOW TO PLAY: Download our Shuttle Baseball Activity Guide – a three week lesson plan developed especially for PE teachers.  We’ll give your students a strong introduction to the skills, athleticism, timing and strategy needed to play the sport of baseball.  Great co-ed fun and social activity that is fun for players and spectators alike.  For a quick and fun hitting challenge, download our play diagram for Stratosphere – our version of HR Derby.  Current house record = .680 slugging percentage (HR line at 180ft – for expert hitters)

Shuttle Baseball offers a fresh twist on America’s classic backyard baseball gaming experience.  The key difference, however, is that in Shuttle Baseball, hitting (and not “whiffing”) is king.  The above concept rendering – with bright and bold color patterns and highly-stylized character faces – was designed to encourage today’s exercise deficient, technology-saturated youngsters to get outdoors and play like kids are supposed to.  We’re working very hard to bring this exciting and new outdoor game to the mass market for boys and girls ages 8 and up.  This isn’t about money, this is about purpose.  We’re bringing boo-ya back!

Because Having Success While Having Fun is Healthy for Everyone.