“If you hit this ball incorrectly, you know immediately what you’ve done wrong. This speeds up the learning exchange since it puts the coach and athlete on the same page. Really useful for teaching hitters to stay inside the baseball and to maintain proper hand path. Works well in the cages as an enhanced tee drill.”
Lucas Kephart – former player/coach Texas Longhorns; Private Hitting Instructor
Colorado Rockies, Associate Scout
“One of the most important aspects of coaching youth baseball is getting the athlete to hear the right words at the right times. But getting inside the head of an young child can be very difficult. The Shuttle Baseball eliminates the need to verbalize complex and hard to comprehend ideas. Besides live batting practice, of which most teams only have access to one station, this would make an excellent hitting station for young athletes to work on their swings in a restricted area and get real feedback on their performance.”
Dr. Michael Wright, Ph.D, Sports Education and Methods of Instruction
California State University Sacramento, Dept. of Kinesiology
“I like using the shuttle baseball because it helps me make adjustments within one swing. Even if I can’t feel something wrong, the ball shows me what I did wrong so I can make that adjustment much faster than if I didn’t have something that allowed me to read the ball that quickly. Off of the tee for kids I train, the benefits are: 1) they are able to do it home by themselves and self-learn, 2) it helps my younger kids learn muscle memory and relate their swing to what the ball is actually doing, and 3) it provides a much better feel off the barrel and has a longer flight trajectory compared to hitting wiffles.” Click here for more.
Keri Casas, former pitcher/catcher, Private Softball Instructor
Syracuse University
“The barrel of your bat should move through the hitting zone on the same path as the incoming pitch. This increases the hitter’s margin for error, compensating for imperfect swing timing. This device reinforces this concept by giving kids a nice visual off the batting tee that shows them which direction and what launch angle you want them to replicate. Having this type of swing thought in mind before each cut allows the hitter to “practice with a purpose” – a vital part of player development in any sport. I wish they invented Shuttle Baseballs back when I first began coaching youth baseball.”
Brian Gotta – author of “Winning Secrets (for Coaching Youth Baseball)”
Sports Product Review of Shuttle Baseball
“Shuttle Baseballs are a great tool for my advanced hitting lessons. I’m able to train my athletes to make self-adjustments and learn body awareness for them to quickly progress into elite hitters. My athletes are able to show AND verbalize what they need to fix mechanically after watching the flight of the Shuttle Baseball coming off the tee. I truly enjoy using Shuttle Baseballs with my athletes and encourage all advanced hitters to use this tool for quick, easy adjustments and prolonged muscle memory. “
Kelly Jackson, Owner/President, former member Team USA Softball and founder of All-American Softball, Inc.
“Getting a young athlete to learn to drive the ball gap to gap is the goal of any hitting instructor. Unfortunately, there’s no universal way to go about teaching hitting – as evidenced by the large volume of DVDs, books and free videos on YouTube. Shuttle Baseballs are remarkably effective at helping a novice instructor who is looking to kick start their practice routine. I highly recommend using the dueling tees hitting station as part of a basic training regimen for ages 8 to 12. It’s amazing how fast kids are able to grasp the overall concept.”
Todd Conroy – Assistant Baseball Coach
William Jessup University