BACKGROUND: The Shuttle Baseball was originally promoted as a physical education activity for middle school kids. Students were instructed to bat a soft foam baseball affixed to a badminton shuttle. Pitches were thrown using a normal overhanded delivery, but with a tight spiral rotation like in football. The shuttle creates wind drag causing a pitched ball to move 30% slower and a batted ball to have longer hang time. The tail also keeps the ball from rolling, making for faster retrieval, especially when playing on hard surfaces such as inside the gym or on the school playground.  

When used with a batting tee in a modified hitting station, the shuttle baseball provides a unique method for judging the quality of one’s hitting mechanics. It offers a quick and easy way for anyone to practice hitting line drives, whether training alone or with the help of a coach. More importantly, it adds a new hitting station to your routine that challenges athletes to keep their focus while still having fun competing against each other in various targeting games.