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Now the #1 P.E. Baseball Activity in America!

(Recommended for grade levels 3-8)

Shuttle Baseball is new game ball and class activity that can be used for hitting, catching and throwing.  It offers students an simple and safe introduction to the sport of baseball while helping you meet several core NASPE National Standards such as striking with implements and throwing with opposition.  We designed a three-week class Activity Guide that incorporates many of the most popular practice drills used by America’s top baseball coaches.  We’ve also included daily culminating activities to keep your kids motivated and having fun.

FACT: The idea for this product came after seeing/hearing a 7yr old little league kid get struck by a fastball dead in his eye.  Very scary.  Very real.  This should NEVER happen!  Shuttle Baseball is a simple solution that ensures innocent young kids will have fun playing baseball without ever having to fear being physically hurt.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin