DEVELOP A REPEATABLE LINE DRIVE SWING » Every good coach knows the importance of having a line drive hitting mentality. The earlier a child can learn and practice this type of swing, the more successful they will become as hitters.

Ted Williams, arguably the greatest hitter that ever lived and the last to hit over .400 in a single season, was a life-long student of hitting. In his book, The Science of Hitting (download for free here), Ted explained the most fundamental truth about hitting in the sport of baseball: a batter needs a slight upswing, one that follows an upward trajectory that closely mirrors the downward angle of descent of an incoming pitch. As the above graphic illustrates, a line drive swing path ensures the meat of one’s barrel is moving through the hitting zone towards the center mass of the incoming baseball for the greatest length of time – producing maximum contact area. A line drive hitting approach has been statistically proven to increase a batter’s on-base percentage by a factor of more than 300% (refer to February 2014 article published in Hardball Times for more).